The Taproom is our tasting facility inside the brewery, where you can sample our brand new beers from the tap, can or bottle. There isn’t a more authentic place to grab a beer than this. Sitting next to the brewhouse, with a beer in your hand that was served by professional staff and kept cold and fresh since it left the fermentor you can focus solely on what you came for. Enjoying the experience of exploring beer without any disturbance, or to have a conversation with friends in the company of special and fresh beers. You can come with friends and family during our opening hours, or by appointment at a pre-selected date. Our Taproom is home to several programs, such as our Off-flavours identification training, brewery tours and tastings.



Opening hours

Our Brewery and Taproom is located in the 9th district, close to the city center of Budapest. You can taste our brewery-fresh beers in an industrial environment, and if your timing is right you can participate in numerous activities such as brewery tours, beer tastings, off-flavor training or even concerts. You can get information on these events on our Facebook page.

Would you like to complement the beers with great BBQ when arriving with friends or family? Rent a grill! You bring what you cook, and for 5.500 HUF we provide you with everything else you need.
Booking a table/grill: event@fehernyul.hu

Taproom opening hours:
Friday 17:30-22:00
Saturday: 16:00-22:00

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Brewery Trip

Take a walk with us at the brewery, and get acquainted with the procedure of brewing from the malt crushing to bottling!You can get insight into the life of our Brewery through the cca 1,5 hour long brewery tour led by the founders and brewers of the factory, moreover you can learn thrilling behind-the-scenes secrets, and taste 5 different beers during the tour.There is further tasting and chatting oppurtunity at the Taproom after the brewery tour.

Off-Flavour Workshop

Have you ever felt something strange and untrue flavour when you tasted of a beer? It is also possible it was not your type, however it is also possible you have met with an off- flavor.We started the workshop to train the beer lovers with the most usual flavors and off-flavors of beers. We guarantee, you can memorise some of the tasted flavors after the course, and you will be more confident to judge a beer if it’s good or bad. Make the first step to be a beer-gourmet, and than keep on going with accurate tasting more and more good quality beer. However you can start this even before the workshop.



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Private events in the brewery

Grab a beer together in the Rabbit’s Hole! Options include: private brewery group tour, beer tasting session, company events, beer quizzes, parties etc.


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